Safe and secure

Reports of hacker attacks are increasing by the day and the media keeps telling us that it is no longer just large companies and institutions who are the targets of these attacks.

Nevertheless, many small and medium-sized companies believe they are in a safe bubble, which is an example of the psychological principle of repression. Natural disasters, accidents, wars, fraud – none of these things will happen to “us”. And we behave in exactly the same way when it comes to digital security – until something actually does happen.

It won’t be us. Or will it?

Typical acts of carelessness that leave the digital barn door wide open for virtual intruders are, for example, a password stuck under a keyboard (“who can remember such a password...”) or an apparently harmless chat with friends (“we’ve now got the new XYZ security system”).

Another aspect that makes things easy for attackers is that cyber attacks do not necessarily cause pain immediately, unlike touching a hot stove: it usually takes a long time for the consequences to become noticeable and often they are not spotted at all or only by chance, such as in cases of intellectual property theft and plagiarism. The result: the consequences are irreversible, and all traces of the hackers are long gone.

What can you do?

Protection begins with simple technical resources and measures that normally do not have a significant impact on your company budget. A few tips to start with:

  • Reduce the amount of access to sensitive data that is necessary for operational processes
  • Store sensitive data offline whenever possible
  • Use encrypted storage and exchange media (SD cards, disks, Nem, SSDs)
  • Deploy shadow IT behind your official IT, for example with self-encrypted data carriers such as disks with hardware password

Ask us!

We will be happy to advise you on all action needed to protect your IT on a long-term basis, from hardware recommendations and installations through to staff training and guidelines for your employees. Send us an email or use our chat function.